Action Alliance Framework for Successful Messaging

Messaging to the public about suicide?

The Framework is for you.

The Framework for Successful Messaging is a research-based resource that outlines four critical issues to consider when messaging to the public about suicide.


Strategy involves planning and focusing messages, so they are as effective as possible.

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Safety is avoiding content that is unsafe or undermines prevention.

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Positive Narrative

Positive Narrative means ensuring that the collective voice of the field is “promoting the positive” in the form of actions, solutions, successes, or resources.

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Guidelines means using any specific guidance or best practices that apply.

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Messaging to the public about suicide?
Positive Narrative

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  • Joan Muller Lyons
    Front Porch Coalition
  • Amanda Ganoe
    Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center
  • Nancy Agyapong
    Nancy Agyapong Foundation
  • Donna Cederlund
    NAMI Santa Cruz County
  • Jackie Oliver
    Reach Out for Another Morning
  • Faith
  • Yancy Chandler
  • kristin Stratford MSW
    United Way of Missoula County
  • Tracie Meyer
    University of Louisville
  • christine
  • Paul F. Millus
    Mary Elise Millus Foundation
  • Terresa Humphries-Wadsworth
    Walk Across WY
  • Meg Fairweather
    Seattle Indian Health Board
  • Susan E Robinson
  • Samantha Johnson
    Blinn College
  • Chris Love
  • Brenda Rabalais
    Lee's Place
  • Jennifer Young, Ph.D.
    Miami University, Student Counseling Service
  • Laura Horne
    Active Minds
  • Antonio J. Caniano
    Knights of Columbus
  • Sarah Cahill
    Samaritans, Inc.
  • Paul Martin
  • A L Beautrais
    SC DHB
  • Alexis O'Brien
    American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
  • Melissa Witmeier
    FL LINC Project
  • Alexandria Soto
  • Stephanie Coggin
  • Annemarie Matulis
    Bristol County Regional Coalition for Suicide Prevention
  • John Ackerman, Ph.D.
    Nationwide Children's Hospital
  • Debbie Helms
    Samaritans of Merrimack Valley
  • Lisa Sullivan
  • Lora Hand
    Ozarks Medical Center Behavioral Healthcare
  • Kristin Stratford
    United Way of Missoula County
  • Stephanie Downey
    Beltrami Area Suicide Prevention Program
  • Annette Beautrais
    New Zealand
  • Doria adams
  • Deb Semmelroth
  • Debbie Posnien
    Suicide prevention network
  • Robert B. Peiffer, Ph.D.
    Zion United Church of Christ
  • Elizabeth Santeramo
  • Darci S. Jewitt
    Grays Harbor Public Health
  • Stella Shoff
  • Susan Tomlinson
    Kauri Place
  • Julie Geddes
  • John Shuchart
    The Shuchart Foundation for Mental Health Awareness
  • Brenda Smith
  • Tom Mueller
    Crisis Center of Tampa Bay, Inc.
  • Mariechia Palmer
    Springing Families Forward
  • Pat Breux
    Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide
  • JoEllen Tarallo-Falk
    Vermont Suicide Prevention Center
  • Paula Bossert
  • Debbie Rasberry
    retired teacher
  • Carl Evans
    Hope For The Day
  • Tina Meier
    Megan Meier Foundation
  • Chris Wardlow
    Catalpa Health & Outagamie County
  • Alicia Shank
    Laurel Ridge Treatment Center
  • Susie Reynolds Reece
    Garland County Suicide Prevention Coalition
  • Sandra Kiume
  • Elaine de Mello
    NAMI New Hampshire
  • Richard Lieberman
    Los Angeles County Suicide Prevention Network
  • Joanna Robarts
    Alpha & Omega Freedom Ministries
  • Gail Louise Auerbach
  • Anne DiNoto
  • Terry Cahill
    Perspectives, Ltd.
  • Tameika Easter-Griffin
    Stanislaus County Behavioral Health & Recovery Services
  • David Litts
    Faith Communities Task Force
  • Brian Dyak
    Entertainment Industries Council, Inc.
  • Andrew James Manning
  • Ada Kercadó
    Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico
  • Lynn Thorsell
  • Julie Geddes
  • Ursula Whiteside
    Now Matters Now
  • Kathleen Snyder
    LivingWorks Education
  • Beth-Anne Vieira
    University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
    Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health
  • Cassie Floyd
  • Sylvia A Vasquez
  • Donna Libemday
    Lines for Life
  • Sarah B. Dennis
  • Emily Hoerner
    AFSP Utah
  • Tim Lane
    Counselng and Testing Services, UNT
  • Jessica Stohlmann-Rainey
    Carson J Spencer Foundation
  • Clayton Kratz
    Education Development Center, Inc.
  • Donna Noonan
    Oregon Public Health Division
  • Kristine Barry-Olsen
  • Davionne Dobson
  • Linda A. Addante M.D.
  • Judith Harrington
  • Candace Perisho
  • Holly Rivera
  • Alyssa Hill
  • Marti Vogt
    perimeter church counseling
  • Bonnie Palmieri
  • Chris Poole
  • Susan Keys
  • Sara D. Harrell
    Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center
  • Bonani Dwakaza
    Department of Health, Community Psychiatric Clinic
  • Pualani Casey
  • Jennifer Kampermann
  • Martha Hewitt
  • Anne Burke
    Johnstown Therapy Centre
  • Ashley Hilkey
    George Junior Republic
  • Sharon Ward
    United States Army
  • Prachi Kene
  • Kate Baer
    Mental Health America in Sheboygan County
  • Heidi Bryan
    Heidi Bryan Consulting, LLC
  • sharlyn reitzes
  • Julie Geddes
  • Michael Weber, Ph.D.
    Port Washington-Saukville School District
  • Mary Cwik, PhD
    Johns Hopkins
  • Robert Foley
  • Deborah Zwetchkenbaum
    Lines for Life
  • Edna Pressler
    Suicide Prevention Resource Center
  • DeQuincy Lezine, Ph.D.
    Prevention Communities
  • John MacPhee
    The Jed Foundation
  • Doryn Chervin
    National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention
  • Marie G. Dyak & Lawrence Scot Deutchman
  • Jerry Reed
    EDC - Suicide Prevention Resource Center
  • Adam Chu
    Suicide Prevention Resource Center
  • Nedra Kline Weinreich
    Entertainment Industries Council
  • David McFarland
    United For Equality In Sports & Entertainment
  • Jack Benson
  • Linda Langford
  • Mona Barz
    Family and Children's Service, Nashville, TN
  • Erie County Department of Health
    Erie County Suicide Prevention Task Force
  • Marti Vogt
    Gwinnett Suicide Prevention Coalition in Georgia
  • Barri Faucett
    Prevent Suicide WV
  • Josey Quinn
    Bipolar Confidential
  • Tamara Van Newkirk
    Grassroots Crisis Intervention, Inc
  • Kellie Barnard
    Grab A Voice
  • Linda Langford
    Suicide Prevention Resource Center
  • Nedra Kline Weinreich
    Entertainment Industries Council
  • Garra Lloyd-Lester
    Cortland MHA
  • Paul M. Schyve
    The Joint Commission
  • Rev. Talitha Arnold
    United Church of Santa Fe (United Church of Christ)
  • Annemarie Matulis
    Bristol County (MA) ionRegional Coalition for Suicide Prevent
  • Ben Harrington
    Mental Health Association of East Tennessee
  • Bob Gebbia
    American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
  • Garra Lloyd-Lester
  • Keri Neblett
    The Crisis Center of Johnson County
  • Lorri McMeel
    University of St. Francis
  • Teresa LaFromboise
  • Thomas J. Berger, Ph.D.
    Vietnam Veterans of America
  • Candice Porter
    Screening for Mental Health
  • Kimberly Konkel
    US Dept. of Health and Human Services Center for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships
  • Marilyn Downs
    Tufts University Counseling Service
  • Lisa Stoner
    St. Charles Community College
  • Jean Papalia
    Safe Communities Madison-Dane County
  • Sharon Fritz
    University of Idaho
  • Elly Stout
  • Bekah Hunt
    The Suicide Prevention Resource Center at EDC
  • Arthur L Matthews, MA LPC
    A.T. Still University of Health Sciences
  • Jason H. Padgett
    EDC - Suicide Prevention Resource Center
  • Anara Guard
  • Elisabeth Kissling
  • Jonathan B. Singer, Ph.D., LCSW
  • Amelia Lehto
    Common Ground
  • Bernie Dyme
    Perspectives Ltd.
  • Rita Thrasher
    Boca Raton's Promise
  • Dr Mike Ferguson
    R U OK USA?
  • Scott Ridgway
    Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network
  • Garra Lloyd-Lester
    Central New York Suicide Prevention Coalition
  • Cheryl Plotz
    Foundation 2
  • Cassandra D Kahl
    Suicide Prevention Center of NY
  • Tonya Kreis, Nila Whiteshirt-Sears, Jeff Yellowowl, Vanessa Smartlowit, Nancy Wyena, Willeena George, and Katherine Saluskin
    Yakama Nation Behavioral Health Services
  • Jennifer Holub Tischer
    Community Resilience Institute
  • Jennifer Spiegler
  • Carol Mueller
    Alive! Canada
  • Ben Harrington
    Mental Health Association of East Tennessee
  • Erminia Colucci
    Centre for Mental Health, Global and Cultural Mental Health Unit, University of Melbourne
  • Amie Cajka
    Mental Health & Recovery Board of Portage County
  • Brian Dyak
    Entertainment Industries Council, Inc.
  • Skylar Jackson
  • Melissa Halter
    Center for Health and Wellness Promotion at University of San Diego
  • Lauren Davis
    Forefront: Innovations in Suicide Prevention
  • David McFarland
    United For Equality In Sports & Entertainment
  • Stephanie Coggin
    American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
  • Candice Porter
    Screening for Mental Health, Inc.
  • Tana Nash
    Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council
  • Marie Dudek Brown
    Creating Today, Inc.
  • Charlotte Tankersley
    Hope Consulting Group
  • Adam Williamson
    Teton Valley Mental Health Coalition
  • Chris Maxwell
    Kansas Youth Suicide Prevention
  • Terresa Humphries-Wadsworth
    Prevention Management Organization of Wyoming
  • Glen Gerreyn
    Oxygen Factory Pty Ltd
  • BJ Ayers
    Grace For 2 Brothers Foundation
  • Jennifer Battle, Beverly Bernzen & Merily Keller
    Texas Suicide Prevention Council
  • Philip O'Keeffe PhD
    Belfast Centre for Study of Suicide (N Ireland-UK)
  • Jenn Ward
    Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention
  • Dorian Cole
    Heb Iapt. Whittington Health
  • Meredith Wood
    The Lake County Suicide Prevention Task Force
  • Heather Stokes
    LivingWorks Education
  • Devon Tayler
    Kaeprion Consulting Limited
  • Donna Holland Barnes
  • Klaryce N Be..
    Southwest Behavioral Health Managment
  • Hope M. Siler, MSW, LSW
    Prevent Suicide WV, ASPEN Project
  • Stephanie Downey
    Evergreen Youth & Family Services
  • Doreen S. Marshall
    American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
  • Lezlie D Culver
  • Mary Ellen Nudd
    Mental Health America of Tx
  • Elizabeth Makulec
    KUTO, Kids Under Twenty One
  • Melissa Rotkiewicz
    UMass Amherst Center for Counseling and Psychological Health
  • Becky Stoll
  • Sally Spencer-Thomas
    Carson J Spencer Foundation
  • Scott Perkins
    Missouri Suicide Prevention Project
  • John W. Morrissey
    Kenosha WI Police Department
  • John MacPhee
    The Jed Foundation

WHAT it's About

The Framework for Successful Messaging is a resource to help people messaging about suicide to develop messages that are strategic, safe, positive, and make use of relevant guidelines and best practices.

It was created by the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention as part of its focus on changing the public conversation about suicide.

WHY it's important

Because messaging matters! Certain types of public messaging about suicide can increase risk among vulnerable individuals.

Conversely, communications can be a powerful tool to promote resiliency, encourage help-seeking, publicize prevention successes, and encourage actions that help prevent suicide.

HOW it's Unique

It's for suicide prevention messengers,  rather than the media.

It addresses "public messaging": any communications released into the public domain. From posters, PSAs, and social media to websites, newsletters, fundraising appeals, event publicity, press interactions, public talks, and advocacy efforts, each contributes to the public's perceptions about suicide and suicide prevention.


Learn about the Framework elements:

Visit the Examples Gallery

Visit the Examples Gallery.

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